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Longevity & who says I have passed My Sell by Date ?

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

May 24th 2021 i had to hear from my daughter in America that my two professional sons Michael and Peter had informed her they would fabricate any material necessary to discredit the Care that my other son David has been performing since 2008. What transpired has been a horrendous family squabble over now wishing to re write history and blame their Dad for littlie inheritance that exists. Their frustration annoyance has been taken out on distorting anything so to upset what David Junior promised senior he would do which was look after my well being. My daughter even has been economical with truth about her marriage status so to be directing guilt in my direction that I can not fund her life or help with her expenses. April 7th 2022 my youngest son doctor , where we would expect more than trust about, pushed an application with Court of Protection Camden , so Judge Ellington would issue an order 13813016- this stated Peter was opposing myself being able to cancel my ex lawyer from a LPA , known as LPA 4- after our only face to face meeting June 24th at House-( at meeting lawyer misled myself & issued false information whilst ignoring relevant material, all for a signature on LPA 4). Peter wished to suggest i did not have mental capacity , even though I had passed a Mental Capacity Test June 5th 2021 with the medical expert Dr H. Instead of a correct challenge , they pursued Safeguarding so now with fabrication that David had become overnight a risk to my Care- much upheaval pursued. Police were called as both ex attorney ( Michael /Peter ) refused to return Funds but after their intervention- Funds were returned by Sep20. Meanwhile unbeknown to myself or David , their Safeguarding was initiated with comments from Wedgwood on June 30th 2021.Order 13813016 pushed a hearing May 31, which resulted in more confirmation of distortion and what had been feared a legal ploy in motion. Should COP be about upsetting Mother Mary Teresa when she has not complained nor has anyone impartial either. I hope through the GoFund me campaign, i can seek enough financial help so the OPG and COP and SRA apparent indifference to critism can be thoroughly investigated by senior counsel. New Labour appears to have created a questionable monster that pleases Care home owners and Family Law partners high fees , whilst neglecting the real ability to truly complain.

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