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Honesty Integrity spoken but what's the truth behind Boris Johnson's fall from grace, mid term?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Those who voted for Boris Johnson in 2019 knew what type of man he performed as, how economies of truth were already rampant, fairy tales galore. Any one who took interest knew about why he survived Mayor , as local Wandsworth politico Eddie Lister looked after his affairs as his vital number 2 throughout. This relationship was broken last year by a successful campaign to discredit him after 30 years, actively helping Con Party's prospects! Living in Putney for 47 years with Tories in charge , it is very relevant that Putney went Labour in 2019 when the Country went the other way. What's in the water around SW15? How did the red Wall in the North fell, when Putney pushed down the blue wall! Few explain with detail or precision what truly happened. Are we smarter to read the pending deceit destruction dishonesty in Putney!

''comforting fairy tales '' seem questionable words coming from the same Constituency MP ( now Sunak) that had previous relationships with Leon Britain and William Hague before they discovered this ambitious politico who had grand plans like the former two. The other 2 failed to be PM with reason , so what will be this man's ability to make it lucky third time! for Yorkshire Richmond. The Indian connection has it not changed thanks to BRIC and what's happenings with Russia currently ? or will we repair our Russian/Chinese relations very quickly with this new unelected leader to be of the Con Party?

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