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About Us

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This may initially appear a soap /novella saga about selfish baby boomers who lack respect for their aging parent & hide their failures or questionable  achievements  with a distraction to pretend at the close to end of stage of life, they care about Care. Instead it is monies or wishing to intervene through contempt.  Why now through GoFunMe, there is an appeal for Funds so to fight ex attorneys and ex lawyers who have betrayed trust truth and expected protocol. The feeling that they can ride over an old lady where they can manipulate not just her but her eldest son Carer of 15 years should be more than challenged , as they slip more into a quicksand of endless lies distortion deceit and destruction. This Campaign will be a catalyst to much more serious and deeper concerns that the Public will inform Mother Mary Teresa 1928 to research as we build a community.

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