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July 29th 2022 to be continued

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Precious perfect persistent Purposeful.

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Love between Child & Parent

''You are me and i am you''. That relationship is special & far deeper than any sad maladjusted sibling rivalry. As parts of either parent if not both are with each of the offspring. This potentia

Mother's Day March 10 2024

Seanmháthair / Grandmother, Mary Teresa What makes siblings betray Care , what gives indifference to Longevity. International Woman's Day has passed. Professionals like Family Lawyers who have b

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Who polices the sinister Court of Protection and Office of Public Guardian?

AS Mary Teresa Farrell became a victim 29 July 2022 - why should longevity be cut by gross incompetence and questionable legal face saving at her Living expense ?

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