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Care and what does it truly involve. Not Lies or Distortion but hard work graft effort 24/7

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Throughout the 15 years of being around helping my mother Mary Teresa look after her late husband Dr David Charles Thompson it has been a sureal and wonderful experience. Aged 48 and to leave Monaco after 10 years residency to now fill the shoes of my father ( no plan) became very addictive passionate and actually fun. The stories of my mother and looking at her 24/7 through a different age made be feel good about Longevity Life extension , understanding that should and should not be eater and what's healthy so to be really wealthy! Mum was 78 and now 94th year and i am over 60! Dad passed away 2011 , June 19th at 3.00am i organised the collection etc but Mum and myself knew we had lost him late December 2008 when he had his last epileptic fit- none of the siblings knew e left that departure as they simply were not that close. No Peter in past year to keep his word to Kristina about - he has bragged to all and sundry about Mum is at risk with my Care now? No evidence or impartial folk to witness such unsubstantiated allegations. Why can Court of Protection let people write COP 24 forms without insistence of oath. and evidence? Instead just please the lawyers fees/ work timesheets.

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