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Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon 1928- 2024

Are you ready for 2024?

According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the Year of the Dragon, which is considered one of the most auspicious and powerful years in the cycle.

The Year of the Dragon 2024

The Year of the Dragon 2024 begins on February 10th and ends on January 28th, 2025.

It is the year of the Wood Dragon, which represents creativity, innovation, and flexibility. The Wood Dragon is also known for being generous, optimistic, and charismatic.

In Chinese tradition, the dragon is associated with the emperor, the leader, and the visionary. The Year of the Dragon 2024 is expected to bring opportunities for leadership, influence, and success. However, it also requires discipline, responsibility, and integrity.

Personality And Horoscope For The Earth Dragon

The earth dragons born in 1928 or 1988 have a very sharp mind and a lot of initiative. No matter what kind of things they do, they are very positive and would like to take pains about them. Besides, they are every caring which is natural without any namby-pamby. If they could carry forward this good quality, this will be a great charity.

In work, the earth dragons are mostly brainy and competent. As long as they are confident and are determined to die in the last ditch, they could achieve an amazing achievement. However, most of them like to give up halfway which prevent them to get success easily.

Although they aim to be leaders who plan and worry ahead of the people, and enjoy the fruits after the people, they are usually the ordinary people at last because of their uncertain characters. In fact, so long as they redouble their effort and overcome their shortcomings,


 Mary Teresa Farrell Thompson Born 1928 an Earth Dragon.


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