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Court of protection

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Why is this arena of Justice very expensive so prohibitive or restrictive or captive for many?

Is that the New UK Justice ? The Court was Established by New Labour which was Lawyers best friend, where OPG and another legal friendly new institution created much new revenue streams for Lawyers. Prior, Family Court was old school.

Now in 2022 , we have too many lawyers living of this lucrative work and who polices the quality of work? Who polices conflict of interest or bad behaviour?

In my case I requested SRA to review and they appointed a commercial city lawyer who failed to appreciate the pubic interest issues raised which were at risk. In my case the lawyer I complained about could fabricate many excuse for poor conduct and ignore accepting unauthorised telephone calls that prejudice his partiality around the case. Public Interest is in jeopardy and few wish to appreciate the serious nature of easy abuse within work that lives of Vulnerable folk. Lasting Power of Attorneys according to ex Justice Denzl Lush , can destroy devastate and then explode Families when fighting goes on due too poor procedure. Why is the OPG complaint process so poor and indifferent to rules being broken, whilst they work to please selective lawyers who act as regular agents. This encourages an unfair playing field.

Journalist Christopher Booker wrote a series of articles in The Daily Telegraph critical of the Court of Protection, calling it the "most sinister" and "most secretive" court in the United Kingdom. Booker reported several cases where elderly Britons were forced to hand over their assets to social workers and the courts. The increasing workload of the Court over the period 2008 to 2012 led to lengthy delays in making decisions involving finances of subjects of the Court. The personal difficulties arising from such delays have led to criticism of the Court.

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