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International Woman's Day March 8th

Mother Mary Teresa suffered last year in her 94 year on planet Earth thanks to unethical behavior from South London Lawyers. Not one but two members of the Partner team where fees rule etc and so all about the money- chose to not respect her wishes. Meeting and wishes at the May 22nd 2021 meeting at Pitt Cottage - have been strangely ignored , so to please another scurrilous Lawyer unethical behavior. When will Truth matter or is it all about what they can get away with , so just win perception at any costs. Mother before Stress Fear anxiety killed her- asked for an apology and this is still being pursued. The lawyer from South London, behaved very incorrectly at the June 24th face to face meeting at Pitt Cottage- and still will not apologize but actually add to the fabrication, so more lies.

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