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Internment planned for May 31 -1st let's hear other folks memories about Mum/ Mary / Mrs Thompson

Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Mary Mum Mrs Thompson enjoyed reading Arts Literature Film Music Concerts Opera Writing etc !

When betrayal happens anywhere, it can be a shock but by your own siblings when you are 90 Ouch!

Mary/Mum use to attend a Book club that she helped start back in 2011. Loved much reading whether fiction or autobiographical. Enjoyed reading various newspapers, a fan of the Saturday FT and not so much near her demise but in the earlier decades – loved the Sunday papers before they became so heavy of advertising or PR articles.

Thinking of some of the many books she loved- I remember Crime and Punishment / The Brothers Karamazov, The Idiot, Wild Swan , War and Peace, Ulysses, The Count of Monet Christo, Don Quixote and we have not even started, A these were of the past 10 years and as I said a few.

With Politics she came across in 70’s 80’s as a lookalike Thatcher and was often from a distant looked as though Mrs T is in the room! Even though her politics were always never truly Con or right but Liberal helpful and sharing , Mary Mum would just lap up the confused identity.

Art Exhibitions she loved and had visited many around the World before we mention the number of times to the Tate or Tate Modern National Royal Academy. Met Princess Alexandra and was in the room for a Ball with Princess Diana! Met various Politicians and once bumped into Clint Eastwood in Carmel! Shall not say other names as they could slip from Dad’s professional network. Theatre enormous appetite and another time to reveal.

Now we cannot say words about Mary Mum without mentioning food and especially her joy over the years or say decades if we go back to the 50’s when she met her partner and yes our father. Mum developed her cooking skills through research reading and experimenting. Mary's cooking was passion and taste and no worries about the hard work and precooking efforts whether working a menu going out and buying the fine ingredients – as No internet or drop off service- she must locate the right butchers and the right staff who knew her type of Cuts etc As for then preparing cooking and then letting her partner serve the food - Senior would help her clear up but ALL with such ease no complaining or tantrums or we eat out or your turn, which sadly the baby boomers from what we heard from the siblings spouses, became the noise or scenes like, this you Eat, as there is nothing else , one day we saw her grandchildren at Sarah’s Declan & Charlie get offered what looked not so appetising to Grand Mama ‘s cooking , as this food, Declan just said no I prefer bed when told that or nothing.

Mary loved Opera and Classical Music – Popular would be Andy Williams or Frank Sinatra but truly loved Maria Callas and the many Opera stars. They saw on one trip to Barbados at Sandy Lane – Pavarotti on the beach too. They often went to the open Opera in Italy, Verona and in the summer – Glyndebourne and Royal Opera House Covent Garden at one time was very regular. Many Cities, Budapest, Vienna, Paris , New York, Sydney etc.

Never about any type of showing off with Opera, which sadly one of the sons in laws excelled at as life is so short, why have fake drama when there is so much wonderful professional drama with no agenda but to please.

Radio 3 on in the house since David senior Dad fell ill in 2008- and when he passed away in 2011- it was just always background, as little interruption and news is limited and the delightful different sounds and talk goes with reading.

When we were on the road in Ireland and Spain avoiding siblings Court of Protection bullying last year , which created Fear Stress and Tears so Anxiety that build up excess inflammation- we would listen through the night RTE LYRIC out of Dublin- as they play nonstop classical till 7am with no speaking- pure bliss. And then we would hear those Irish voices, wherever we were.

I do sincerely hope and pray that Pitt Writing Palace will carry wisdom as aging brings déjà vu as it helps foresight. Mum enjoyed talking with her grandson who lived with her in the last remaining years from Brazil about film and why those with a higher IMdb number displayed better likelihood of appreciating. Often, we went to the Curzon but with home cinema and Covid propaganda – we then watched stream and found much joy with Netflix and The Crown- When Mary / Mum watched I would joke as she would start speaking to what is about to happen- how come you know the story this is your first time to watch? (my jest) and she would quickly say ah but I lived through it with a smile! She loved many of the Korean soaps as the stories had such great messages and had no difficulty with the subtitles.

No internment sadly of Mary’s Ashes as I write since October when ALL were told as the delay was necessary ( thanks to Peter’s legal bullying with Court of Protection) as COP had to inform first what was their preposterous case against Mary since June 2021 which had no merit to her and when she was passing away over the week July 22/29 – Mary/ Mum requested satisfaction from this Devil when I asked who, she said you know and then said Wedgwood at Anthony Gold, they had listened to gross fabrication from Peter and Michael which had no relevance to Care and why Gold had been called by Mary to seek solutions to a simple problem about returning her Funds that Michael held and was changing the Custodian status to Agent so to try & keep.

Instead it was not as good as Gold but as slippery and deceitful display, as fake Gold.

This whole sordid saga which got heavy from May 24th 2021 when Tina said the son/doctor would fabricate material for to discredit Care so to please the son/corporate lawyer- Now after Mary has gone- Peter is happy to fabricate further by saying only now 2 years later Tina is a lair which my mother never believed and Peter had no nerve to say whilst Mary was living- what ethics St Pauls teach? Or he claims I made up everything which is painful as I watched Mary suffer to the end and find his constant bullying since 2013 all quite miraculous Mother lasted this long.

Please kindly support donations for Saving Pitt location / spirit, further purpose and so establishing Pitt Writing Palace—and there will be many benefits into 2028 to share. Any questions just communicate on the different e mail or call. Need to raise funds ASAP --

Woman need to be strong to not just raise a family but be the support to the other half. What is sad is how quickly siblings can give up on parents as they age if economics do not excite. That reality might appear coarse but when it hurts the longevity then the subject matter is much bigger and those they helped the pain, stress, suffering and anxiety to curtail life - should be outed and a full Apology forthcoming or what Society do we currently participate in if Death is an escape to Responsibility and Truth Clause?

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David Thompson
David Thompson
Mar 10, 2023

When will Peter and Michael speak truth ? One is a doctor in Oz for NSW Health and the other a Corporate Lawyer for Washington firm Steptoe Johnson? When Mary was alive neither refuted Tinas words made May 24th .. Now Peter sheepishly through whats app says what? As Michae; stays meek and when Michael last saw Mother August 28th at House - he did not refute the words .

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