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June 21st 2023

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Having always been the most caring Mother. So Helpful and understanding, Who couldn't ask for another.

As the years went by you have helped me and my siblings bloom and grow. With your kind nature and your loving soul.

May your days now with the spirits be fulfilled with lovey moments both big and small.

As you were by far the loveliest Mother of them all, even if we all, yes myself too siblings betrayed you in your time of need , with spouse led bitterness & sibling deceit & treachery.

When my elder sister Tina promised me, I must take care, from brotherly bad pending conduct, that May 24 2021 conversation To Ma and Me -your telephone warning, I never ever in my wildest dream, would think this behaviour possible , by my Brothers, that they would deliver such hell and contempt, where Government Agencies were played and Fear generated with Stress as COP & others bullied Our dear Mother Mary Teresa.

This came from those professionals, who should have known better -

as such fear simply curtailed dear Mary's longevity, yes precious LIFE.

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