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Kurdish Money upsets Tory Party Chairman as well as Mary Farrell Thompson Estate, real valuation ?

Michael /Peter

50 years ago Our mother and father made that return trip to Europe- yes today 1973 Jan23rd arrived into grey cold London.

Dad ( Dr David C Thompson ) put his incredible Sydney Australia’s Macquarie’s medical practice success on the line and Mum ( Mary Teresa Thompson ) gave up wonderful friends / lunches / great Hairdresser in Double Pay! ( all about the social gossip and setting )

They gambled much so Education of the 4 siblings came first- Kristina Putney High Girls Day School ( one of the best in the Country) Emanuel Grammar ( last of the Grammar then for myself ) Peter / Michael ( St Pauls Barnes)

Dct felt Australia was leading minds the wrong way and the real world , decision makers , power etc is in London!

Murdoch knew that from his rich palace in Adelaide. when he moved to London 1969 and then later onto US ,

Well actually it was between the two with the pop to Adelaide for Board meetings.

Back to London 1973 Jan 23 and the St Ermin’s Hotel & THE 101 Ridgeway SW19 first address and the climb up the hill from Wimbledon Station, as why waste

money on a taxi transportation!

The family then moved into Pitt Cottage SW153TEMay 1973.

Words continue to flow, to try and understand how the siblings combined arrogance could help to destroy our mother Mary 's last moments of Care that she relished ,as life after Dad’s fall in 2006 was very tough & to be alone, would have seen ‘longevity’ over for Mary ?

Peter chose that year 2006 , to organise his migration trip to Rockhampton Australia and only tell our parents in 2007, when it had been fully decided.

Peter would constantly say his choice, we ALL have choices, so right ( Care was not a priority then but when Funds are about, then they are clinging & different ).

Peter did not respect other people’s choices and did not let Mum/ Mary enjoy her choice to stay at Pitt Cottage.

Peter did exactly what we already saw happening ,

so it was not unexpected but disturbing , when Kristina Walker ( Thompson) informed us May 24 th 2021

to what she had heard the boys discuss and this behaviour from Siblings especially when getting old etc is not original either.

To hear ''they will fabricate anything so to upset Care '', was then serious and now after her death to hear Peter say

only after her death , ''that is not his character'' , please , sadly when all is reviewed , much from spouses change siblings. Here much did, to how it was perceived from at the House. Who respects that , as agencies like lawyers who do not seek truth but the best way to win, this combination is quite dangerous when the system then is easily played to

whose real costs ?

Again why Tina Walker made it clear, David you can not win and also must be careful?

May 25 & many days weeks after – months too- we just heard Peter say or write –

''I have no recollection of those words'' or ''I do not comment on third party statements''. Please the guilt is shambolic.

Mum/ Mary like myself have kept you ALL posted throughout the timeframe 2020/2021 2022.

Mum/Mary told you, that a Lawyer was being approached and both just ignored and no respect to the consequences & you felt above the law as you had told us both several times.

When Peter was informed Police will be called, he just uttered that I had more to worry about regarding 2014 ( ?).

Even though when I was more than happy to discuss the truth about 2014, Peter would not. Sadly Tina just said that was too far back to remember , this is wicked as one would think a daughter would always put her mother first, especially over disloyal conduct by our brothers, even if laden with cash, so to buy and distort truths.

Now the Estate of Mary Thompson that always centred around one item, the House Pitt Cottage, this has been trashed in value by Michael and Peter not respecting their responsibilities of the LPA’s and other powers around the Estate they accrued in 2014.

They have not been professional and discuss the terms then or at anytime, the extra borrowing costs on what was

already being paid, went from less than 1% to 7.8% that is nearly 600K unnecessary extra depletion in Estate valuation) Negligence is obvious if you were working for Mary’s Estate and not to protect the truth around what has

overall happened.

Instead , remember you Michael and Peter both simply wish to just pounce on any Funds Mum/ Mary would achieve at whatever long term costs.

So why the Nov 30th, 2014 e mail from Kristina ( Walker) after speaking with Mother / Mary that Saturday Nov

29, is as important as her May 24th 2021 words-

but instead of helping us bring this matter to a CLOSE with truth and her responsibility too ,

Tina chose to ignore our mother or worse just shout or write abuse. I simply pray conscience will wake up rather than be on the take.

If Mum/ Mary could have gone ahead and sold Pitt Cottage in March 2021( Winkworth paperwork to prove her intentions ) when you Michael sold your home to Kurdish politicos at record prices 5.4 Million-

The Mary Thompson Estate if sold then too March 2021 at 3 Million plus ,( less 250 K current extra borrowing that date to now ) would have secured enough financing to execute her revised wishes and to help herself and myself after 15 years of sacrificing my world for her longevity and have significant funds remaining.

You Michael and Peter chose to abuse your various powers and then with Peter’s requested fabrication of material , opinions that wake up agencies.

Here OPG unless they wish to sleep have a grievance that Mary / Mother reported

in March 2021 when the LPA’s were active.

Now you Michael and Peter , you play Executor of her Estate, to try and save face. Whilst decide if Mary’s /Mum’s jewellery is your concern or ignore ? or carry on old grievances with myself that required throughout your lies and as you said to Mary / Mum in 2014- your obsession Michael , to where is your share of Funds from Pitt Cottage as though that was fair and proper behaviour with what you were representing then in 2014 ( just after

being given Trustee Executor roles and beneficiary too- as though now Mother Mary Teresa was entering the past her sell by date ? here that comment is more than an observation with hindsight! A serious concern to those responsible at the OPG COP and SRA for real oversight.

Did you Michael or the others object or offer help throughout the Care timeline 2007- 2022 , either of you ?

No, but yes we had you ALL worried about what in 2014( Nov 30th e mail should never had been ignored by Wedgwood of Anthony Gold ( south London lawyers, if Wedgwood was an honest lawyer) – as your e mail and Peter is not supportive of any concern around Mother ,

Instead we have how so much that is similar and repeated in 2021/ 22, over trying to grab /control her any Funds, with Peter’s new interpretation of risk , whilst being told throughout 2020 2021 2021 , the stress fear tears cause anxiety and the inflammation is killing our mother.

Blood pressure incidences where ambulances had to be called for hospital, Michael when informed of her plight, Michael would not even return the call, that was how concerned of possible imminent death in 2021 / and several

times throughout he displayed?

Peter who claims to be a doctor, where few email of 10 years have any medical talk , just so much about his battle with Michael to rid our Mother of her chosen carer David since 2007.

This Peter is the very one driving this type of attack with Michael silent or we assume quietly active.

Both carry so many powers throughout , that is why they inform Tina our sister ,

David cannot win-

as who can defeat ALL those powers that have bene abused.

Michael, Even after your meeting with Mum/ Mary face to face August 28th 2021 at Pitt Cottage Family home of 48 plus years , has what risk to reveal to you , but of course, nothing, where is your shame ?

( 3 months after we asked both of you that summer of 2021 , through lawyers to answer what was Tina informing us about May 24th 2021 ? )

You ignored what you promised that day August 28th


and went with Wedgwood to pursue Court of Protection ( Sep 8th

2021 application off a June 30th 2021 e mail from

Gold )as though this is a game with no shame. That Order 13813016 is based on lies deceit and a dirty legal ploy to go for control at Mother’s living Expense.

50 years today, 23 Jan 1973 , When David Senior returned from Australia to take up his new position at The Priory Roehampton.

What a way for our Mother to depart this world, this past year.

Little real active respect from siblings and also her sister Angela, the whole horrid saga must appear to many very much surreal, for how come such a fine woman Mary Teresa had to suffer in such a crude way and siblings participated with no mercy, no shame and what expected gain or right to sadly be like so many failed baby boomers

rewriting family history to their likes and dislikes at Mary’s expense of enjoying end of life.

Spiritual Love,


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