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Lisa & Seymour

A Family not just the Thompson knew but so too Banks family knew and so parents' sister brother-in-law mother-in-law.

Whilst both parents in the Thompson sibling story of destruction , it is understood both got on well with both the Ex-Psychiatrist and the wife partner absolute fabulous cook Mary.

The mother Mary appears to cherish the combined relationship.

Seymour the best friend of Mary's son Peter who as the story will appreciate

had such a history of warmth and so often this name Seymour Banks was mentioned with good undertones.

The first time was Peter having passed his A Levels decided to travel the World with his best mate. That like time flies is nearly 4 decades to when the latest news is Mother Mary is dead. Feelings appear in a box too with Ashes as words were few prior as the explosion was building with no one running to help put out but fume the flames add the oil throw in more lighters etc

A very strange element is that the Thompson parents were there for a diner Mother Mary delivered like so many wonderful diner parties , to entertain Seymour's girlfriend Lisa and possibly 'the one' at the time.

Courting for the ex city sleeker Seymour should be full of the fondest memories so it should be assumed must have more than a side view when small explosions started to be heard at Bowling Green Close June 2021.

With all those years the many events mutually attended, the constant ability to drop in any time with anyone unannounced and be fed and have an alternative mother figure talk listen and listen whatever the weather what a treat Seymour and Lisa life should feel.

In life if explosions can be heard or noise that is not natural or words that do not appear to add up , Mother Mary should be so lucky to have educated folk about as the Banks all went to good schools like Peter and so what is an argument or discourse that cannot be settled.

Maleducation sadly came into play with no shame and what gain.

The story of the 'Destruction of Mother Mary Teresa Thompson Family' did not actually start May 24th, 2021, when word came from Peter's sister Kristina over the telephone from Boulder Colorado to first David her brother too and strangely carer for Mother Teresa in the last fifteen years.

This David no official carer whatever that truly means as Care is like Party or Nice it can mean so little so much as all depends on knowing much more than 4 letters.

Another word is 'hope' we may so much want that, but it can be like dope nope and back to pope if we are still desperate for hope. David is best described as profession-less since as the story unwinds, we have a doctor several lawyers a successful mother / wife / sister/ /aunt/great aunt /grandmother / mother-in-law /, failed wife/ new profession over 55, shop assistant /aunt /great aunt/sister/.

Anyway, that word that came from Kristina in Boulder said, ' be careful' .

Yes, take care as both brothers led by the lawyer ( later identified) will fabricate any material to upset discredit brother David's role in caring for Mother after 15 successful years.

If you just herd that would you invite into your home any friend of Peter or listen to anyone in their circle that they just wish to drop in and talk ( Assess) .

As what is denial now that statement must be first clarified.

Back to those titles relating to mother Mary Teresa earlier , the list becomes superfluous so back to the story as what matters is why would a lovely hard working self-educated , sweet smiling, great conservation list/ absolute fabulous cook which for so many nice people is the way to the other person's heart through great food- then why should anyone wish to bring mother Mary harm and or when they know her life is suffering , just close the door or ignore or that crass statement , do not get involved in family feuds, having soaked up decades of family Love through Mother Mary.

Great stories or even great life have good and bad people interchanging but when the supposed good masquerade that way as their actions and how they conduct themselves is more than wrong but ends up on Mother Mary's last week being referred to as The Devil.

Why then a lawyer as the devil is no new film script where we can all say afterwards , just a movie but in this truth fiction faction a lawyer did misbehave grossly.

As so many folk treasures the need for good legal advice and to be able to Trust , let's call this legal firm a name - how about Gold ! As it goes with that saying as good as Gold.

Also, to be able to understand all must listen and the Chinese saying ' Silence is Golden ' is a wonderful proverb. Here we have the other son of Mother Mary and so brother to David and Peter and Kristina, and that is Michael.

Michael like so many fell into Law but why not it can pay more than the mortgage and allow for quite an easy life if you end up having a family of 6 and educate them private and take them on 3 holidays a year as all are growing up and so costs expenses become lifestyle and pressure and stress especially if partner never truly worked or whatever was done was given up as now the spouse had her Prince Charming- can instead natter natter with friends , ex boyfriends etc and maybe slowly light a fire that will if all data is reviewed later have one of many links to Ashes at the end.

To be continued

spoilers ahead and where or where not the author shall travel.

Mary suffered , greatly and a photo can say a 1000words ! July 29th at Royal Victoria when Oxygen was not available ? who created that situation

The firm as Good as Gold ? The Doctor son medic that pushed to upset Care May 24th Words 2021 or as the story unwinds later the CARER yes David - as you will hear much about financial risk- what that has to do with health and longevity, shall be explained by brother Peter and his lifestyle. But could David the brother have killed Mary as that is what is suggested by Brother David in October ahead of what would have been Mary's 94 birthday. Where would the creator of the words from May 24th 2021 be able to twist the reader to now have a different Vilan or are all yes, all Villans, even Banks.

Look at blog

Facts are like Fiction who appears to care , as words like ' i was not there ' so suggesting whatever yes whatever is said unless present means nothing.

Wow what planet is that ?

Court of Protection - sounds like a sinister organisation to please gangster type lawyers.

Yes a protection rackets to put legal lifestyles ahead of who they claim to be helping, as we have been there over the decades with undesirable mafia style trash for cash.

Mary the Mother will reveal her thoughts later to why she felt she had been duped by the Gold lawyers. Lifestyle can entrap and reveal why corners are cut and truth edited or fabricated.

Ah but why was it omitted that Michael the brother/lawyer/ father / when he passed law at Southhampton- put Corleone on the certificate and took out Charles.

Maybe Freudian or meaningless or as data will also connect very relevant when we conclude as Freddy never survived and who else.

Meanwhile to keep space in the diary and have an excuse to walk the dog-

there can be a plan a tea a drink at the Telegraph like wake / more maybe

and yes let's bring your dog all dogs

and enjoy feed back to what why was life so enjoyable prior

but then after May 24th 2021 till Autumn 2022.

To be continued .....

appreciate any editorial comment ..or proof comment -

Dt jr

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