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Peter Thompson 's words with Mary ( Mum) & David ( Carer /son/ brother) September 30th 2021

Attached here is some of the conversation September 30th Last year- when both Mary Teresa (Mother) and myself David ( Carer for 14 plus years ) asked you Peter directly about this Court of Protection Application move by you which caught us by surprise as it was based on no evidence , much lies ( fabrication you had promised Tina in May 24th 2021)

You stated you did not know about this Application ? You also indicated you would check up and respect Mother's request to stop this ..

Also you stated you would not get in the way of our move to Dublin.

What followed was atrocious behaviour , by colluding with Safeguarding HSE in Dublin , you painted a dirty picture of myself , and pushed them with others to meddle in our private space.

This pushed us out of the Balls bridge Apartment and kept us on the road till now.

So far HSE has no evidence that i was any risk and why then did you not make this clear in this conversation with Mum, last September instead of being economical with many truths.

Dublin upset in December with HSE Safeguarding and much lies by CH06 is worse as this COP Order 13813016 has Peter Thompson and David Wedgwood creating a scurrilous ploy that misleads the reason for the initiation. Camden cannot be pleased by such unprofessional conduct?

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