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Spouses of Mary's Children should think , anything below is relevant, connected , excuses for?!

Spouses do not inherently spoil families.

However, certain behaviors or issues within a marriage or relationship can negatively impact a family dynamic.

Here are some possible reasons why a spouse may contribute to family problems:

1. Poor communication: A lack of open and honest communication between spouses can lead to misunderstandings, conflicts, and resentment, which can spill over into the family environment.

2. Infidelity: Acts of infidelity can cause significant emotional pain and damage trust within a family, leading to long-term issues if not properly addressed.

3. Financial problems: Disagreements over finances, irresponsible spending, or a lack of financial stability can cause stress and tension within a family.

4. Substance abuse: A spouse's struggle with substance abuse can create a negative and unstable environment for the family, impacting the physical and emotional well-being of all members.

5. Emotional or physical abuse: Any form of abuse, whether emotional or physical, can have severe and lasting effects on a family.

6. Neglect: A spouse who is disengaged or neglectful in their relationships with their partner and children can lead to a dysfunctional family dynamic.

7. Parenting disagreements: When spouses have different parenting styles or beliefs, it can create confusion and discord within the family.

8. Mental health issues: A spouse's untreated mental health issues can contribute to family problems, especially if they are not receiving proper support and treatment.

It is important to remember that no relationship is perfect, and all couples face challenges. However, open communication, empathy, and willingness to work together can help spouses navigate these issues and create a healthy family environment.

The above is t encourage material in what is becoming too common, fighting like ‘Street’ to win precisely what? More money or Everything?

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