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Why are Lawyers so dishonest to 93 year old Lady ?

  • If you find yourself frustrated by an elderly parent, remember that this is the person who once taught you how to use cutlery.

Essential to respect age and to work with the ambience. Who says helping defending is undue influence? ah a dirty lawyer chasing control through a Lasting Power of Attorney at any cost.

Why should lawyers be allowed to be left alone with clients and pretend they need a special code or they will not believe.

Sounds filthy and abusive to say the least.

Mother Mary Teresa has had a horrible experience from a Court Order from Camden Court of Protection pushed by an over ambitious fee driven solicitor with help from Justice Eddington , who feels LAWYER can simply bully as who would believe 15 year Carer or even the client lady in her 94 th year.

Disgraceful Gold! Unacceptable conduct in 2022.

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