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Bloomsday Joyce Becket Wilde Shaw ? What would they think?

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

Thursday 16th June ideal day to reflect on this crazy saga / story which started well before May 22 2021 but that is a significant date. As that day i engulfed myself with the neighbour / lawyer and also spoke with another lawyer / son Michael.

Instead of the journey being easy and simple henceforth , as it is said research always helps- far from reality.

I never would have dreamt what happened 2 days later! My daughter of 60 years plus informed me that Peter ( attorney of LPA 1/2)with Michael 's ( attorney of LPA 1/2) instructions would fabricate any martial so to undermine the individual Care performed by my eldest son since 2008.

What is difficult to fathom, is Tina my daughter works with elderly Care so how can she tolerate such undermining. Especially since she informed what their intentions were , so now it would be assumed she would support what counteraction is required to defeat such atrocious behaviour.

This sadly went another route. Peter had added the comment to Tina , he could not lose. At that time , it was not clear what was the meaning of such words.

May 24th when Tina informed us those intentions of the ex attorneys., well May 24th they were still active but by July 17th. Peter had a clear opportunity on Face-Time May 25th to explain those words to me also what was he up to with the LPAs, but instead left me more confused.

I had already issued a final demand e mail to both sons , Peter Michael who had these Funds , to return , but once again it fell on deaf ears. Devastation destruction and disruption is how the next months experiences with much disbelief to how why siblings feel they should conduct themselves unchallenged on such a serious unethical journey.

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