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Is this a Perfect Damily? B

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Wow , here we see Michael and Peter at early stages of life? Michael top Right with Brother David and Mother Mary Teresa 1928?

ah Dr Peter with Dr D C T who had a very refined Establishment Practice. Where did Senior 's ethics great grace wonderful personality , excellent behaviour disappear off the children? LPA's have far too often devastated destroyed and been explosive with families- as lawyers love to deceive and play this word undue influence around elders.. sue special passwords so to confuse and then betray client to favour other side if it earns quick fees and settlement. Ouch- Age & Vulnerability under attack.

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David Thompson
David Thompson
Oct 22, 2022

What is a perfect family ? When a parent is bullied abused and then chased by the youngest son using Court of Protection to put fear scare shivers into the body of a 93 year old..

Look at April 29th photo? Very much alive and kicking.

Then COP hassles hasles and upsets.July 20 further bullying..

Then July 29th


Who pays? GOLD

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