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''Should you betray your Mother'' ?

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Should you betray your mother, your flesh and blood, For a moment of gain, a selfish love? Should you break her trust, and shatter her heart, For a desire that tears you both apart? Your mother carried you, in her womb and heart, Nurtured and loved you, from the very start. She sacrificed for you, more than you know, And gave you a home, where you could grow. To betray her trust, would be a grave mistake, A decision that you'll forever regret and ache. For the bond between a mother and child, Is sacred and pure, and should never be defiled. But if you find yourself in a moment of weakness, And temptation overcomes your sense of justice, Remember your mother's love, and what it means, And how betrayal will tear apart the seams. Choose wisely, my friend, and hold true to your heart, For a mother's love, can never be torn apart. And even if you stumble, and lose your way, Your mother's love will guide you, to a brighter day.


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