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Why did Carer , Eldest Son take 2 months to announce Mary Teresa sudden death?

David Thompson Junior felt strongly that if the sudden death was announced July 29th- the sinister Court of Protection would not have made the September 8th Notice- where they cancelled all proceedings around Court Order 13813018 and also quoted Peter Thompson who made the scurrilous application on Sep 8th 2021 ? wow a year of bullying! based on an e mail that Anthony Gold sent Peter on June 30th 2021- to seek information to undermine their client - yes their client Mary Teresa Thompson? Why should such unethical behaviour be condoned by SRA and Compliance at Gold, as such ways are not Good as Gold for the vulnerable and COP work which is so lucrative.

David Jr by delaying the flow to siblings who had not called or asked about Mary since June- so what or why should a few months truly matter.

Mary asked on her death bed , she seeks an apology for several lies from Gold much unethical conduct and a culture that ignores complaints.

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